El Fayoum and El-Minia Governorates Projects


Projects managed and funded by US AID( Los Angeles Water Treatment Company) and Dutch Aid.  

Previous projects have involved the supply and installation of a large number of pipelines in different governorates in Egypt, especially El Minia and El Fayoum.

Projects included:

  • Two pumping stations & drainage network complete with force main  lines for villages in Fayoum.

  • Pipelines ranged from 175mm-1500mm, including fresh water,sanitary, irrigation and dewatering networks.

  • wastewater treatment plants

  • Sewage & force main lines for  contracts No. 4, 5, 6 in Fayoum.
    13500 L.M. sewage line & 2000 mm, pressure line dia. 400 mm

  • Supply and installations of pipelines in Assiut  including valves chambers & Supply and install valves , fittings & special pieces

  • Water supply lines of Minia City



  • Client: Fayoum and Minia Governorates
  • Project Category: Infrastructure
  • Region: Egypt