To lead by example in the North African region by respecting our commitment to deliver the highest quality of work to our clients at a fair price. We at SHS imagine a construction industry that succeeds while contributing significantly to local community development and is constantly trying to minimize its environmental footprint.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development of our country and its people by delivering top quality products and construction services to the Egyptian market. SHS has constantly gained clients’ trust and respect because our primary objective is always customer satisfaction.

  • SHS - Trading & Contracting Company
  • SHS - Trading & Contracting Company

Saad Hanna Sons SINCE 1934


We work towards our mission and vision by striving towards completing all our projects to the highest internationally-certified standards in construction and contracting and in a timely manner. We believe that considerate investment in our most important resource, our exceptional workforce, through constant training, development and providing opportunities, is crucial to maintaining our quality of work. We also create strategic partnerships with international corporations such as Leister and Genap to serve the Egyptian markets by providing clients, specialists and professionals with the highest quality of tools, training and expertise to conduct their work.

What We Value

  • Community development
        We value our fellow citizens and are committed to contributing to the development of underdeveloped Egyptian communities wherever we work.

  • Team/family
        We owe any and all success in past and future projects to our hard-working, highly skilled team. We look after and reward all members of the SHS family for their dedication and ambition.

  • Relationships
        We have maintained relationships based on trust with our clients that have lasted over 80 years, testimony that we value all relationships created within SHS group and outside. Our tight-knit relationships with our clients, partners and subcontractors reinforce our impeccable reputation in the field

  • Trust
        We believe any healthy corporate relationship must be one based on trust. We gain the trust of our clients and partners by working ethically, transparently and competing with other firms fairly.

  • Quality
        We do not compromise on the quality of our work and adhere to strict international standards, for which we are certified by many leading organizations.

  • Sustainability
        We are conscious of the environmental footprint that could be caused by construction and infrastructure projects. We work to minimize any negative environmental effect resulting from our businesses.

  • Health and Safety
         We make the health and safety of our team and clients a top priority in our work. We take every precaution to protect our workers and maintain the highest standards in our projects to ensure the integrity of safety systems put in place.  

  • Cooperation 
          We know that in order to deliver the highest possible quality of work, it is necessary to be up-to-date with the latest international industry techniques and standards. We are in contact with other industry leaders in Egypt and internationally to exchange expertise and skills.