SHS grew from a local construction contractor over the decades to become the full-service construction firm it is today. SHS has been delivering full turnkey projects ranging from factories to large resorts and real estate projects for decades. SHS’ contracting projects stands out from competitors because of the high-quality standards to which we commit, our trust-based relationships with our clients and the values by which we work.


SHS is sought after by clients on often difficult and specialized tasks due to its unparalleled knowledge and experience on certain specialisations, including the following:

Infrastructure works

  • Micro-tunnelling and soil injection in sensitive projects such as the 900 year old Ghouria street excavation
  • Deep dewatering, sanitary and irrigation projects in high density areas such as El Barageel project.
  • Large city, village or project sized pipeline assembly for sanitary, irrigation and wastewater networks.


Electromechanical works

  • Non-disruptive Electromechanical work such as the rehabilitation and replacement of piping systems and fire fighting networks in a hotel functioning at full capacity.
  • Full-service electromechanical and water treatment projects including water and wastewater treatment plants and systems as well as desalination plants.
  • Large scale full-service interconnected electromechanical and infrastructure work such as El Gouna hotels project.
  • Industrial Electromechanical work such as work for military grade factories, marble factories, plastic factories etc..


Full Service Construction

  • Full service construction of hotels and resorts accross Egypt such as Harmony Makadi Bay and Green Village Ras Sudr. 
  • Full service construction of administrative building such as El-Nozha district building. 
  • Full service construction and contracting for factories such as EEPCO project.


SHS does not only supply Egyptian professionals with the necessary tools and equipment to conduct their specialist activity, but provides excellent training and maintenance services to ensure they are used to their full potential. SHS is proud to represent the following pioneering manufacturers in Egypt:

  • Leister and Weldy
           The world leader in plastic and heat processing technology, Leister is the first choice for specialists in the respective fields. For over 60 years, Leister Process Technologies AG has been a worldwide market- and innovation leader in the fields of plastic welding, process heat and laser plastic welding. Leister plastic welding and process heat tools are known in the Egyptian market due to their unrivalled quality accross field ranging from civil engineering, roofing, flooring, plastic fabrication, advertising, vehicle repair and all industrial processes involving hot air. SHS is your one-stop shop for all Leister and Weldy equipment, services and maintenance in Egypt.
  • Genap
           Genap is the specialist in the field of foil structures and foil applications for the horticultural and agricultural sectors and for civil engineering infrastructure projects. It is for good reason that during the last 60 years Genap has grown to become Europe’s leader when it comes to processing geosynthetics. SHS combines its extensive experience with applying and working with these geosynthetics to provide top quality full-service water storage solutions.