• DCCT 5-40 pinhole/cable tester with handle

The DCCT is used extensively in the manufacturing industry for checking cables, plastic sheets, battery cases, moulded components and
non-conductive coatings on steel pipework.

A range of four DCCT testers is available with output voltage ranges of 1-7.5kV (ref: C0H), 2-15kV (ref: C1H), 4-30kV (ref: C2H) and 5-40kV (ref: C3H). These models are supplied complete with a test probe handle installed which can be used with a suitable electrode for manual testing of components. Alternatively, the DCCT can be supplied with a high-voltage lead; please see data sheet C0 for more details.

A calibration certificate is included in the comprehensive operating manual.

Models available:
C0H: DCCT 1-7.5kV (6002-0005)
C1H: DCCT 2-15kV ( 6002- 007)
C2H: DCCT 4-30kV (6002-0009)
C3H: DCCT 5-40kV (6002-0011)

Aditional information
For testing cables, the unit can be used with a high- voltage electrode box using brush, air-gap or ball-chain curtain electrodes. Material suitable for the electrodes can be supplied – details on request.

Note: DCCT variants with a high-voltage lead (A25) instead of a test probe handle are also available; please see Data Sheet C0H.

  • Maximum current : <1mA
  • Suitable for continuous operation :
  • Meter accuracy +/-2% :
  • Mains supply voltage : 110/120V or 220/240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions : 50cm x 30cm x 33cm
  • Weight (unit only) : 17Kg
  • Packed weight (inc handle) : 23Kg
  • Dimensions (packed) : 60cm x 60cm x 60cm
  • Commodity Code : 9027801700