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Buckley's manufacture two types of pinhole/holiday detector: the PHD Pro' range of compact, portable models for on-site and dynamic environments, and the DCCT range of static models for use in factory and production environments.
The PHD Pro' range is available in three outputs: PHD Pro'6 (0.5-6kV), PHD Pro'30 (1-30kV) and the PHD Pro'40 (2-40kV). All three models are available as either basic, pipeline(standard) or complete kits.
Buckleys' PHD Pro' range of holiday detector units can calculate the dielectric strength of a coating and adjust the output voltage automatically. The operator simply needs to input the coating's thickness via the keypad. The test voltage is set according to the NACE SP-02-74 standard.
The DCCT range is available in four outputs: C0 (1-7.5kV), C1 (2-15kV), C2 (4-30kV) and C3 (5-40kV). Variants with a test probe handle fitted are also available - C0H, C1H, C2H and C3H for applications where the unit is operated manually rather than incorporated into a production line.